Child Marriage

Young bride. Picture courtesy Tahirih Justice Centre.

Unluckily, since the origin of the times, it seems the fact of to have been born a woman is a disadvantage in so many cultures. Not sure if it is the anthropological explanation that the males tend to be dominant. Or it is because the masculine sex uses to see so many things like objects, including so many other males. That would be needed a deeper anthropologic and psychological study about why certain individuals only contemplate the ones who look alike them like equals in the same species and not even the women in the same species who look alike them. It should be that insignificant morphology changes, like skin colour, confuse them.

On any case, it is a sad reality but so many individuals keep seeing women like trophies in our days. Until the point, child marriage has increased, without to have in mind the so many cases of women who had been threatened to ruin their lives if they did not accept to marry some sort of males. Clearly, this must stop. One of the ways, it is to find protection and to speak loud about it. However, if you keep being scared and you do not know how to do it, here are some tools which could help to all this children and female to be free.

Tahiri Justice Centre has prepared this report where you can know exactly which are the stats of this undesired marriages, the laws which are applied… In the USA. However, they encourage all of us to speak loud for those people who has left voiceless to focus the attention on this problem which affects so many women. In the case of to be one of those women, you can address to them here. They will bring you the legal support and help that you need. Be strong and do not be scared to speak about it.


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