Tiger Girls

In the picture the Tiger Girls. Picture courtesy UNCHR

What is a Tiger Girl? A Tiger Girl is a strong woman who wants to have fun, to read, to make sport, to enjoy, to learn… So many girls would identify themselves like tiger girls. Some, maybe prefer to call themselves tigresses, lionesses or cat women… It does not matter, the fundaments behind this concept of feline women are all the same. For this reason, it is a good way we encourage one to each other to grow up, to learn, to keep strong in front the adversities and to inspire so many other young girls in the world to make the same.

Bellow, you have the story of the real Tiger Girls. A group of young Syrian refugees who live in Jordan and who share this philosophy. You can help and inspire to so many other girls like them following the instructions in the video but, above all, never forget they need to feel they are not alone in their own journey to become what they wish to be. Empower them. Be a Tiger Girl.