How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Licorne test, 1971, French Polynesia. Photo: The Official CTBTO Photostream

Licorne test, 1971, French Polynesia. Photo: The Official CTBTO Photostream

Sorry for to have borrowed a headline taking some classic U2 album as a reference but I thought it was more catchy than to remember International Day Against Nuclear Tests.

It is given for granted everybody agrees about the non-use of nuclear weapons. If there is someone in this audience agree with the use of them please, you are invited to step out.

Here is not only a pacifist issue. It is about to teach and to explain the reasons of why certain things must be banned or certain conducts are not good. Like it is the fact of to use nuclear weapons.

Bellow, there is a nice video which basically resumes everything that it can be shared and the reason why is important to mark a day on the calendar like “no testing” those sort of atomic mass destruction devices. The reason is so simple like one of those bombs cannot be used without to have been tested before. So, if the tests are forbidden or banned, it makes harder the existence or creation of this sort of lethal arms, which are more than proved, that they do not only murder and they kill millions; if not they cause atrocious consequences which keep for years on any living being which has been in the area. It is devastating and not so many of the consequences those bombs created in certain organisms are discovered. What it is sure is they should not be allowed. Please, join this initiative against the use of nuclear weapons and teach others why they should be banned.