Knot On My Planet

Doutzen Kroes. Picture courtesy Elephant Crisis Fund.

Doutzen Kroes. Picture courtesy Elephant Crisis Fund.

There is some sort of myth out there in which it seems certain part of the society does not help in social causes, environmental issues or in to care about animals in danger of extinction. Not sure from where that huge lie was born or started because the reality is that one does not need to be considered “alternative” or “communist” to become involved in social causes. Whom really cares will do it. And the economic income will never be an obstacle for that. If they say that: those are just excuses.

Honestly, I am tired of to hear all kind of non-sense stupidities about this field on the past days. Most of them, was just a try to make me give up to this crazy unpaid job which I have. Not sure why, but it seems someone dislikes that I keep doing this: to sharing information about initiatives, brands, companies… Those lies continue with: who is really helping this world, because it seems NGO’s steal money, that the UN and the UE are made for the same… It cannot keep existing those sort of fake preconceptions. However, isn’t this strange? Shouldn’t we, like writers, to focus in to share the truth instead of the constant re-twisted lies of certain politic sides about who is going to save or not our planet? Yes, it is not fair. But it is what there is a constant keep on the memory and a fight.

Talking about memory, there is a stately animal whom never forgets: the elephant. Actually, this species is in terrible danger. No need to mention how many poachers and how the greed for ivory are leaving this planet without this special creatures. It is for this reason that Doutzen Kroes has decided to make something important. To organise the campaign #KnotOnMyPlanet, as a symbol than an elephant never forgets. Her campaign will help Elephant Crisis Fund on their task of to save this species. You can help donating here but also on social media. It is only needed to show your knot Doutzen style and to spread the word about it. Because, despite the lies which certain part of the world insist in to spread, fashion industry, arts and cosmetics are the sorts of companies which more donate and help for to keep with the work of to care this planet. And here, on this site, it is going to keep showing, teaching and sharing about it.