What Is Democracy?

Vote count in Dili polling stations during parliamentary elections. 7 July 2012. Photo by UNMIT/Martine Perret

The vote count in Dili polling stations during parliamentary elections. 7 July 2012. Photo by UNMIT/Martine Perret

On September 15th, United Nations celebrates International Day of Democracy. A day which is not only marked on the calendar for its importance if not because it constitutes one of the basic points of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can read more about why this day is important here. However, for this site, it has been tough to explain some basics of why democracy is fundamental and an important point to which each citizen of this planet must keep fighting.

Democracy was not invented in this century neither on the past one. It is a term the Greeks invented before Christ after they were tired of the tyranny of so many small king territories which declared owners of islands, fields, they wanted to be like Alexander the Great and to conquer everything, Troyan and Spartan Wars… So much story for to be resumed on a post. Still, it is simple. They took the “demos”, people, and they gave them “kratia”, the power to rule, and knowing that two basics it is not hard to forget why democracy is so important to be respected: to do not let the past historical errors will happen again.

Democracy is a philosophy and an attitude which must be learned. It starts for to listen the other, to worry about him/her and to give your best for to help him/her. In fact, democracy and humanism are closely linked because one cannot live without the other. Although, if this concept it is not seen in small scale if not on a bigger one which involves several bigger causes and hundreds of people. Then, it is when it is fully observed the power of democracy. That if one listens to other and s/he tries to help others for to solve a real problem: nations, communities, groups, NGO’s… Can do great things for this world and any living being on it. That is the true power and meaning of democracy like the Greeks conceived it and not the Parliament or politic issues like so much more have preconceived.

On this day, it is proposed to be more open minded. To listen more the other points of view and to dialogue more the ones with others for to really make democracy and not for to impose the things. Will you encourage the people around you for to start to make the real democracy? Instead of to say to others what should do?