Protect Australian Whales

Blue Whale

Blue Whale. Picture courtesy IFAW.

Australia is one of the countries on the Earth who most care about the environment and about the seas. However, in the past weeks, the Australian Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, is considering to allow oil companies to look for this precious liquid near the coasts of Kangaroo Island. The consequences of authorising this will be that a constant day and night the maritime soil will be blasted meanwhile the company is making the searching of gas and oil. That will create seisms that could cause all kind of environmental disasters.

One of the possible consequences of these acts will be a massive migration of several species of whales, dolphins and other species which contribute to the rich biodiversity of this area. For this reason, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has prepared this campaign in which they invite you to join. Please, sign the letter if you agree and share the campaign.