Rape Is Not A Joke

Women protesting in India.

Women protesting in India. Picture courtesy Care 2, the petition site.

India is having a wave of crimes against women in the last years. Most of them are rapes, but others are violations in group which use to finish in torture and death. Most of the victims die, and the few that survive keep psychologically and physically marked forever. However, the government does not really punish the criminals. Women of this country find themselves unprotected and do not cover by the justice. It is for this reason that they are constantly protesting in their country: to try to be heard and change their situation. But they cannot do so much when one of their politicians, Asha Mirje, declares that are women who invite men to rape them when they wear certain clothes, and they act in some way. The women from India need that you help them to make a change. So, please, sign this petition to remove that politician from the power because nobody must permit that to hurt people in this way could be acceptable.