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Children in Philippines

Children smiling in the Philippines. Picture courtesy Plan Internacional.

In 1937 and created by the British journalist John Langdon-Davis and the volunteer Eric Muggeridge was born in Spain, PLAN International: an NGO which purpose was to give housing, feed and educate the thousands of children which lives were truncated by the Spanish Civil War.

The way that this NGO had to help the kids were kind innovative for this times and they still using the same method in our days. Langdon-Davis believed in a closed relationship between the child and the sponsor because he thought that it was the only way to make the sponsors actually implicated in the situation. It was the only way to be sure that the kid will have the attention that he would need it.

Actually, PLAN International is one of the biggest NGO which helps children in different countries in the whole world. Unfortunately, they are also one of the less known. Their page it is only available in Spanish, but they are organising so many campaigns to help the kids around the world whether donations or by the sponsorship relation which it is the base of this non-lucrative company. I hope you find some time to take a look at their page and maybe any of their campaigns will sound attractive to you for to collaborate. Good luck @Plan_Espana