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There are a series of myths denying climate change exists when the uncomfortable but realistic truth is science is based on facts, numbers, stats… Something which is very difficult to contradict: that those data are not accurate or right. However, it seems some people keep wanting to ignore science and to put a blind in their eyes for to do not assume the real problem: the Earth is becoming warmer.

Most of this data is collected by several scientific resources, but one of the main ones who keep doing this job is NASA. They have not only proved that Earth is 1º Celsius warmer than in the past if not how the actions of this light rising of the temperature are having all sort of changes in the environment, nature… Changes in habitat and modification of the behaviour or surviving of some species of animals, vegetals or other livings. The increase of other colonies of seaweeds or algae which kills species for toxicity, including humans. Acidification and warming of sea level, as much as an increase in the sea level which can cause the flooding of specific areas. The rise of storms, extreme heat… The proved list of all the consequences that the massive incrementation of CO2 in the atmosphere causes it is there since Bill McKibben wrote the first book about Climate Change in the 80’s. Since then, it had been done changes but not enough.

Here, I would like to introduce you an NGO called 350.org. They focus themselves on this climate change themes believing they can stop climate change if people join together to take action for to change those old fuel systems, reducing the CO2 emissions… But for that, it is not only needed the individual effort if not to join together for to help to change some laws in some countries. You can see more about their work in their web. You can joy them like volunteers or you can watch the video below for to know more. Because, in the end, it is a matter of knowledge and to educate people properly letting them see science works and not that people lying about science is right, saying science is wrong.


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